(VRfun18) VR HORROR GAMEPLAY: KEEP WATCHING MIXED REALITY HTC VIVE – Escape Scary Clowns in Virtual Reality!

Let´s play another Horror VR experience in Mixed Reality view! “Keep Watching VR” is a thrilling horror game for HTC Vive inside of a creepy abandoned mental hospital, where scary Clowns are chasing you in the dark. Your only weapons in Keep Watching VR are a flashlight and a DSLR camera, so dont drain the flashlight’s batterys out, keep watching after those nasty clowns, and dont turn your back on them!

Enjoy my MIXED REALITY as well as Virtual Reality game capture of the Keep Watching VR horror experience on HTC Vive, and please let me know what you think about this game. This horror experience in VR surely gave me lots of goosebumps, and I bet you will sh*t your pants at least once while playing 🙂

Keep Watching VR is available on Steam:

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Thanks for watching and see you soon again in Virtual Reality!

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