(VRfun18) VFC-VR – LIVE NOW – Taz The Virtual Fighter Yeah Right!!!!

Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)
Virtual Reality
(Played on Meta Quest 2 using Viveport)

Taz The Virtual Fighter Yeah Right!!!!

If you are a boxing purist looking to buy Thrill of the Fight 2, this game is not for you. VFC is more brutal, more free-formed, and hopefully, less serious.

With PVP at its core, VFC seeks to explore into a realm of possibility enabled by VR’s unshackling of real-life restraints, and it strives to become the ‘Street Fighter’ in VR.
The developer has implemented so many fighting mechanics that can’t be comprehended in a simple article. Please visit www.vfcgame.com for details.

If sparring while chatting with your opponent isn’t your thing, VFC also has a lighthearted single-player campaign.

The AI is tactful and fights with diverse styles.

Players can choose to queue into a PvP game while playing offline modes.

Outside of 1v1 fighting, VFC boasts a wide range of fitness training modes that let player practice their striking, endurance, stamina, defense awareness and combat readiness; it even hosts a running competition inside the game!

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