(VRfun18) Undead Citadel | VR | Boney Skeketons | Brutal And Ruthless | Awesome Physics

Undead Citadel – #vr –
By Dark Curry S.L
@SteamVR Free Demo (#SteamNextFest)
(Played via #airlink on #MetaQuest2)

Sliced Diced And – Well You’ll See ! HAHAHA

Hello there folks it’s your boy Taz back with another awesome VR video for you all .

This is my first look at trying Undead Citadel and i must say i really am liking what i’m seeing.

Watch as i throw slice and dice it’s a tonne of fun and we are barely just getting started.
So i only have horde mode available currently in the demo but hey that’s what we love don’t we !! a good wave annihilator in VR.

So let’s jump straight in and enjoy oh and certainly have fun haha.

Game Synopsis
Exclusive for VR, UNDEAD CITADEL immerses you into an adventure encountering hundreds of Undead in breathtaking combats crammed with numerous foes.
Slash, stab, crush, shoot or dismember with your own hands, as you find the way into the depths of the cursed citadel.

SteamVR Demo Link here:

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Thanks for watching folks


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