(VRfun18) Taznic Gaming | New Introductory Video For My Channel – Enjoy

Just a quick introduction to the channel and what you can expect to see.

Virtual Reality : VR Livestreams from Meta Quest 2, PSVR and PCVR
via either Airlink or Virtual Desktop.

!!!! Awesome eh !!!!

Xbox Series X : livestreams and Gameplay Content. (wow seeing these games in glorious 4K is outstanding)
I will be showing a variety of some awesome titles stay tuned and if you are lucky i may even throw in some co op or multiplayer action too..

Playstation 5 : Livestreams and Gameplay content ( some awesome and insane gameplay clips ) wow the way i can capture moments on this console is epic and the quality is Phenomenal
Watch for games like Forbidden West, Dirt 5, Returnal, Gran Turismo 7 and many more exciting and possibly exclusive titles on this platform

Nintendo Switch : Livestreams and Gameplay Content ( The amount of fun you can have with a handheld Console is remarkable folks.
Legend of Zelda :Breath Of The Wild omg wow that looks fantastic and is highly rated for this console…

Playstation 4 : Livestreams and Gameplay content
As you may be aware i have plenty of physical PS4 titles and loads of Digital titles that i am able to show you. Stay tuned

PC : Livestreams and Gameplay content streamed through an HD60 Elgato Capture Device and with Streamlabs OBS.
Wow some of the quality i can get when streaming these games is superb There’s a world full of titles out there so stay tuned.

Enjoy folks

I would love to see you in the chat soon

It’s going to be epic folks plus did i mention we actually have finally got FIBRE now too so the streaming is going to be INCREDIBLE

Take care

Happy Gaming Folks

your pal Taz

…… Welcome to Taz World Everybody …….

I hope you like the newly created banner also that i spent a lot of quality time creating.

Didn’t it come out well

See you soon.