(VRfun18) Swordsman | VR | LIVE NOW | SteamVR – Let’s Go Hack’n & Slash’n

Swordsman VR
(played using Meta Quest 2 and Via Airlink)

Hello there folks it’s your crazy kiwi Taz back again with another awesome video.
Today we are jumping back in to Swordsman VR on SteamVR.
I have just updated it to the latest patch so let’s see what is available shall we.

Game Synopsis
Swordsman is a physics-based medieval combat game. Customize your warrior, battle different factions in epic arenas and defeat powerful enemies to unlock their special boss weapons on your journey to save the world from evil.

Will We take them on or be taken down?
You can be sure of one thing, and that is the harder i fall then the stronger i will get back up

Yes!! indeed its that type of game where i am bound to die eventually.

It’s a really well presented game with a nice interactive menu system for your upgrades and skills.

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