(VRfun18) Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga – LIVE – Freeing Solo then on to Jabba What A Blast !!

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Lets Play build and ENJOY!!! Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga and have a tonne of fun mixing the awesomeness. with the thrills and spills of Lego

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga
Developer TT Games
(Digital Deluxe edition) i wanted the character packs haha
PC Gameplay

Is THIS! The BEST Lego Star Wars? I”m still Facing The Wrath Of the DARK SIDE… Bring it on the scenes are excellently done.

Then I hope to continue on into the next chapter which will be Return Of The Jedi ( Bring on Jabba and also freeing Han Solo from carbonite. Yeahhhhh. Gotta love all the skiff and sail barge scenes ooh and not forgetting Boba is about too haha (LOVE it)

Hello there everyone it’s your boy Taz thanks for checking out this livestream/Video , NOW you all will know I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and this really has to be the most epic LEGO version of Star Wars that i have ever played in my life. WOW

Now let’s get down to The gameplaying and checking it out

The gameplay i am finding to be exceptionally good and easy to pick up but… extremely hard to put down as its very addictive as in i’ve just got to do some more and get through this.

It’s amazing and awesome at the same time to see how #Lego have added all the quirkiness to the characters while keeping with the flow of the game and film timelines. It’s Hilarity at it’s best folks.

Hope you enjoy the Live gameplay video and be sure to try this out for yourselves.

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