(VRfun18) Shutoff’s next virtual reality headset controllers appear in license kind

Shutoff’s apparently preparing to proceed to a future VR headset with growth additionally underway on enhanced controllers according to a patent.The patent application clearly shows brand-new controllers for the unannounced Valve VR headset, full with what appears to be a detachable hand band. It’s additionally assumed that there is going to be an adjustment in the method the coming with headset tracks points in the setting, too.The design of the controllers looks similar to Meta’s Mission 2 controllers consisting of the overall stick and also button layout, with Valve apparently eliminating the touchpad that was made use of on its previous-gen variation. That removable hand band seems developed to permit the controller to stay in place also when the user isn’t grasping it, possibly so that they can throw products in-game without lobbing their controller throughout the room.This figure has plain differences than the remainder of the images. It has the ring dropping in a similar way to PS VR 2