(VRfun18) PlayStation VR2 pre-orders are live but it isn’t that simple

Sony has opened up pre-orders for its PlayStation VR2 in a handful of countries, but actually getting your hands on one is a complicated process.

Gamers in the United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands can all now pre-register to pre-order their new PlayStation headset. And yes, you read that right.

Sony’s pre-order process not only requires that you have a PSN account, but also that you register your interest in pre-ordering the next big thing to come to the world of VR gaming. There’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get your hands on one, but Sony says that it will be in touch if you’re selected.

Those deemed worthy of buying a PlayStation VR2 will then be able to hand over £529.99 / $549.99 / €599.99 for one, although anyone wanting the Horizon Call of the Mountain game can buy a bundle instead. Anyone who registers should keep an eye out for instructions on how to complete their order as well as the date and time they’ll be able to do it.

Those hoping to bag a couple of these things and sell one for a profit will be disappointed, however. “Due to limited quantities and high demand, we will be limiting transactions to one PS VR2 per PSN ID per household,” Sony says. Still, that’s unlikely to stop these things from hitting eBay with huge markups at some point.

Sony is either pretty convinced that the PlayStation VR2 will be popular or it’s very much unconvinced that its manufacturing capacity is up to snuff. Whichever it is, good luck with that pre-order. It sounds like you might need it.

Gamers in the United Kingdom can register now. Buyers in the United States can do the same here, too.