(VRfun18) Pico to Launch Horizon Worlds Metaverse Competitor in 2023

Last Thursday, during its 2022 product announcement live stream, Pico revealed a new virtual reality (VR) headset, a Metaverse platform, and enterprise products.

Alongside the new Pico 4 VR headset debut, Bytedance introduced Project Pico Worlds, a Metaverse platform and direct competitor to Meta’s Horizon Worlds for Meta Quest [Pro]. Bytedance will launch its Metaverse service on the upcoming Pico 4 and Neo 3 VR headsets in 2023.

Bytedance has not set a global release date for the Pico 4 Headset, but resellers list the 128 GB and 256 GB models for £379 and £449, respectively. The device contains top-of-line immersive specs, including a 105-degree field of view, colour pass through mixed reality (MR) options, 4K+ Super-Vision Display of 4320 x 2160 pixels, and haptics.

Project Pico Worlds

Bytedance is designing Pico Worlds as a user-generated-content (UGC) driven Metaverse service which enables individuals to build their own VR worlds and assets.

In the announcement video, Pico noted that users could create a vast range of real-time 3D (RT3D) content, from houses to small cities or cars to rockets.

The service also supports full-body avatars for immersive social spaces where users can interact with others and participate in online VR activities. The Pico 4 headset contains technology that boosts online socialisation with a SLAM infrared optical positioning system and a PICO motion tracker for accurate body tracking and gesture simulation.

Bytedance takes its immersive social aspect further by integrating the UGC social media application TikTok into its 5.0 VR Operating System (OS). The TikTok integration lets a Pico user share a Metaverse session and upload a VR reel via the social platform.

Facebook parent firm Meta debuted its Metaverse service earlier this year, which shares many similarities to Project Pico Worlds, like UGC powering each service.

Horizon Worlds contains a trove of tools which enables users to create RT3D content, experiences, and games, even giving immersive content creators options to monetise their work.

Pico for Bussiness

Bytedance designed the Pico 4 Pro headset with upgraded enterprise-grade features for advanced users and developers.

The Pico 4 Pro contains three infrared cameras for high-precision face and eye-tracking. According to the firm, the upcoming device uses interpupillary distance (IPD) tracking technology, enabling a headset to adjust its lens automatically to suit a wearer. The infrared cameras also track facial muscle movements, enabling up to 52 dimensions of animation for accurate avatar expression.

Additionally, Bytedance debuted Pico Enterprise during the live stream. Pico Enterprise enables firms to access a whole OS built exclusively for business, including bespoke and secure workflow management software. The edition also has an enterprise-focused application storefront, developer kits, and exclusive settings.

The firm is announcing more Pico Enterprise details at AWE EU 2022 next month.