(VRfun18) Have a glimpse of VR at the Tokyo Game Show!

This year the Tokyo Game Show is back to being a physical event, and as usual, many huge gaming brands are participating in it. I was curious about what was happening there, so I asked a Japanese friend to take some pictures for me… and she took some very nice pictures, so I decided to share them with you all to make you feel as if you were traveling to Japan, too! It will be an article different than usual, with very little text, and many pictures, but I’m sure you will appreciate it, too.

Ah, and of course, since traveling to Japan may be difficult for us in the Western world, if you can’t go to the physical event, remember that you can still go to the virtual edition of the Tokyo Game Show, which is available on App Lab and PCVR. You can find my article on the TGSVR 2022 here and the download instructions to play it here.

Let’s start with some images!

Here we are at the Capcom booth, where it is possible to play Resident Evil Village with the upcoming PSVR 2 headset. It’s the first time there are consumers trying this device after selected journalists had the opportunity to review it a few days ago. So, we can say that it is the first time we have pictures of PSVR 2 in the wild!

Let me zoom in for a moment on the guy trying the headset in the above pictures:

psvr 2 I envy this guy a lot

It would have been interesting to get to know the first impressions about this headset from the people on the showfloor, especially after I have read all the enthusiastic reviews from the journalists. Anyway, it looks like many people are in line to try it, so this is a big success both for Sony and for CAPCOM.

PlayStation VR is not the only headset people can try at TGS. As it is always happening lately, Pico has a big booth at this event and is making many people try the Pico Neo 3 Link.

pico vr tokyo game showPico’s booth at Tokyo Game show. By the way, have you noticed that Pico has slightly changed its logo, lately?

Since Pico Neo 3 Link has a good library of games, many people can have fun with this device. Some rumors say that there is also the Pico 4 headset that selected people can try, but I have no official confirmation on this. By the way, the new device is launching in a few days, so we have to wait just a little before discovering it.

Meta is investing a lot in the Japanese market, and in fact, according to my friend, it has one of the biggest booths at the Tokyo Game Show!

I find lovely the toy for Among Us VR. I wonder if they let some people try it…

Valve has a booth too, but its attention now is all on the Steamdeck, which is having a huge success everywhere. So its booth is about Steamdeck and Valve Index is absolutely not relevant. This says a lot about Valve’s priorities at this moment.

Anyway, the Tokyo Game Show is not only about VR, so there are also many booths dedicated to standard games. All the biggest Japanese gaming brands are there: Konami, Sega, Square Enix…

… but there are also there important Western gaming companies like THQ Nordic…

THQ Nordic big booth at TGSTHQ Nordic big booth at TGS

It is also possible to go to the physical venue and wear a headset to try the Tokyo Game Show VR at the TGSVR booth. This way it is possible to enjoy the event in both realities at the same time.

As I’ve told you in the beginning, you can try this application also at home, if you want to discover more about this event.

And that’s it! I hope this post has made you feel a bit as if you were in Japan. I miss traveling to Asia, so I hope I will be able to go there in the next months… and you?

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