(VRfun18) SuperWorld & MONOGRAMA Give Back Through Blockchain & NFTs

The GUARDIANS ️ Project uses AR to bring attention to at-risk communities in the Amazon Rainforest.

Last week, social impact DAO MONOGRAMA, in tandem with SuperWorld, launched a groundbreaking NFT art event to commemorate and celebrate the indigenous Pater Surui and Cinta Larga communities of the Amazon Rainforest. The GUARDIANS Project features work from over 60 talented artists from around the world, with each piece representing a “Guardian” to keep watch over the indigenous territory in the Metaverse, and with sales from the NFTs on SuperRare going toward helping the Pater Surui and Cinta Larga communities.


Using Augmented Reality (AR) tech from SuperWorld, the Guardians will be geolocked in the Metaverse to the real world coordinates of land belonging to the respective tribes in the Amazon. In addition, SuperWorld will gift 70 plots of virtual real estate to the indigenous communities around the perimeter of the tribal borders as a symbolic reclamation of the land stolen from them over decades of oppression and mistreatment.

View of territories with markers indicating the placement of GUARDIANS & donated plots from SuperWorld

For every 10 purchases of virtual real estate on the SuperWorld platform, SuperWorld will donate one plot of NFT land toward the Guardians Project to protect, celebrate and preserve the cultural heritage of the Paiter Surui and Cinta Larga tribes.

To support the GUARDIANS initiative in the Western Amazon with your purchase of virtual real estate anywhere on Earth, use the dedicated GUARDIANS referral page from SuperWorld to explore the map and buy land HERE.

Finally, SuperWorld & Monograma will host a FREE live streaming event tomorrow, Wednesday April 6th, 30th at 12pm (ET) on the Lemonade platform. The event will be a multimedia celebration of GUARDIANS, with educational resources, artworks and a discussion with artists who contributed to the GUARDIANS project, including: Eli the Great, Coldie, Luciano DuCirilo, Elias Oyxabaten, along with MONOGRAMA Founder Hervé Delhumeau and hosted by SuperWorld.

RSVP for this exciting live discussion and multimedia experience HERE.

Making a difference IRL through the Metaverse


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