(VRfun18) Check out these 6DOF 3D photogrammetry samples shot automatically by

Skydio 2 3D Scan can capture 3D models with photogrammetry automaticallySkydio 2 3D Scan can capture 3D models with photogrammetry automatically

Skydio 2 can now capture detailed 3D models through photogrammetry, and it can do it all automatically.  Here are samples you can view on your desktop or in VR.

Until now, creating a detailed 3D model of an area required either multiple scans with LIDAR cameras such as the Leica BLK2Go ($65,000) or BLK360 ($15,990), or required hundreds of photos which would then be combined by photogrammetry software.  Now, the tedious task of shooting hundreds of photos for photogrammetry can be shot automatically by Skydio 2.

Skydio 2 is a drone that is capable of flying autonomously through computer vision.  Now it has a new feature called 3D Scan which enables it to capture detailed 3D models through photogrammetry.  The catch is that a 3D Scan license costs $2,999 per year.

This semiconductor facility was shot by Skydio 2 in just 30 minutes:

Here is a 3D sample shot with Skydio 2.  You can view it in 6DOF with a VR headset.

Crane Mast by Skydio on Sketchfab

Note that the 3D Scan software does not generate the final result.  Instead, the software guides the Skydio 2 around the target object and plans the photos.  After the photos are taken, you can combine them using your choice of photogrammetry software.  Here are a couple of other samples: