(VRfun18) This Cute Ninja Virtual Reality Game possesses a GREAT Potential! – WHITE POTATO RONIN

The adorable VR game called Potato Roning recorded my eye along with its charming graphics. Despite having minimal gameplay, it was still satisfying. Nonetheless, the game is actually still in its own early stages and I made this online video to inspire the designer to maintain improving it. The video game possesses enormous possibility, especially if the primary gameplay is actually refined. By launching more opponents, boss fights, as well as upgrades (like the possibility to toss Ninja stars), I believe it can come to be a really appealing encounter. I’m eager to continue playing, so I encourage the creator to develop it additionally into a fully fledged video game.

Thank you herval.

Acquire the activity here: https://sidequestvr.com/app/14241/potato-ronin

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