Saints & SINNERS 2|Homicide 7|The Vacationer vs The Axeman – VR games

Saints & SINNERS 2|Massacre 7|The Vacationer vs The Axeman VR video games

The best showdown will begin. One homicidal lunatic against another. That prevails? The savage Vacationer or even the armored Axeman? Acquire your tickets today!
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Introduction Film: “Kid of Gentlemens” (2006 )
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This game was played on: Rift S.

Tracked by the seemingly easy Axeman and challenging versus the Tower’s most up-to-date require overall dominance, discover what hooks up these new dangers with each other before it is actually far too late. New faces, spots, items and also equipment all await you on your quest to an ultimate face-off for the metropolitan area’s future.

The Strolling Dead: Saints & Sinners – Section 2: Retribution:.
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00:00 Introduction + Summation.
00:45 Prepping My Weapons For The Axeman.
05:48 His Secret Entryway Had Not Been Very Secret.
08:46 It’s A Trap! Down In The Drains.
15:27 The Axeman Tosses SOOOOO Many Enemies At Me!
24:06 A Route Of Body Systems Leads Me To The Final Battle.
27:51 The Traveler vs The Axeman.
42:15 Spine Property To Scratch Another Call Off Our Checklist.

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VR Headsets:.
– Oculus Journey.
– Oculus Quest 2.
– Oculus Rift S.
– Valve Mark.
– HTC Vive.
– HTC Vive Pro.
– Playstation virtual reality 2.

PC Specs:.
– RTX 3090.
– i9-9900k central processing unit.
– 32 Gigabytes DDR4-3200mhz RAM.

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