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‘ One more Fisher’s Tale’ Customer review– An Exciting Sequel with Additional VR Video games

Our team’re back for another dose of mind-bending puzzles à la Bob the Fisher. The sequel offers up a longer, much more mentally intricate tale while packing in a ton of new challenge technicians that makes Another Fisherman’s Talebelieve games before the original in virtually every sense.

One more Fisher’s Story Details:

Accessible On: SteamVR, Mission 2, PSVR 2
Release Day: May 11th, 2023
Cost: $30
Creator: Innerspace virtual reality
Author: Vertigo Games
Examined On: Journey 2

Gameplay Bob’s flight of fancies are taller than ever this time around all around, as the journey swells to escalate as much as brand-new psychological midsts which show additional concerning the true Bob as well as his family. I will not mess up the tale behind An additional Fisherman’s Tale, considering that it is actually definitely something you ought to unfold on your own. It speaks about affection, loss, responsibility, flexibility– it’s technique much heavier than the first, as well as often wanders off outside of precursor’s safe storybook voice-over. Where you might have dismissed several of the angsty Daddy dramatization of the original Fisherman’s Story, and also only got on with the video game’s mishmash of mind-bending challenges, this time around the narrative takes even more of a limelight, all while providing brand-new and impressive auto mechanics to maintain you guessing.

The best famous technician on screen is actually the brand-new potential to separate, change and manage your palms– like physically pop off your palms, trade all of them for more useful ones, as well as shoot all of them out to address a wide array of problems that simply a little moving (or swimming) remote controlled hand-beast might. Although you really just possess pair of other hand types regularly available besides your wood digits, a hook for climbing and also a claw for snipping, the challenge variations are remarkably broad.

Image good behavior Innerspace VR, Vertigo Gamings While there are a lot of one-off challenges to praise, a constant throughout the video game is actually the demand from another location regulate your hands, which is actually carried out by twisting your motion operator in the right relative path as well as pressing the trigger to move them ahead. You’ll be pulling bars, creeping your fingers with circuitous routes, and grabbing essential things prior to snapping them back to your arms where they belong. This took some getting utilized to, as frequently you’ll need to regulate your palms coming from afar while actually relocating your body to various places to get a better viewpoint, which may be perplexing at times given that your body system’s relative setting improvements and also your palms type of hairpiece out.

And with separable hands, you could as well have the ability to put your head off also. Just press two buttons (‘B’ and also ‘Y’ on Mission) and you’ll release your crown ahead to hit much flung areas for a far better point of view. It is actually basically plays out like a dashboard teleportation that observes an expected arc in contrast to physically getting your scalp and also tossing it about, which would not be actually extremely relaxed. A lot more on convenience listed below however.

Graphic good behavior Innerspace virtual reality, Vertigo Gamings While I definitely would not call any one of the challenges specifically hard, they’re consistently innovative and also satisfying. I possessed hints permitted, although you can easily transform all of them off in the setups, which silences a few of Bob’s quick and handy lines. Still, Bob isn’t dominating in exactly how or even when he provides hints, producing him feel so much more like a father that wishes you to think something out by yourself than a ‘valuable robotic’ that simply desires you to proceed with the problem currently.

My personal leisure was simply under four hrs, which puts it almost 4 opportunities longer than the original activity. I failed to seem like some of it was actually filler either, which is a proof to the game’s deeper account and challenge variants that call for the player to build skill-sets that serve throughout– practically everything I wanted coming from the original yet failed to receive when it at first discharged in very early 2019.


The star of the show is certainly Bob, who is actually breathed life into by the whisky-soaked shades of the probably never-not-smoking French entertainer Augustin Jacob. In my customer review of the 1st activity, I called Jacob’s interpretation more similar to a garish short that you typically find just before a suitable Pixar movie– charming, however not nearly enough.

Image good behavior Innerspace virtual reality, Vertigo Games Right here we get a full-fat dosage of Bob in addition to a brand-new actors of personalities that are actually just as stimulating, making it believe extra like that Pixar journey I preferred it could possibly possess been in the first place. One thing that hasn’t transformed though is actually the inclusion of a capturing credit rating, which flawlessly frames the game’s linear, at times storybook design adventure.

While the account goes off the rails at aspects, popping you back to truth, it isn’t a huge, open world along with a ton of freedom of activity, or maybe puzzle imagination. An additional Fisher’s Tale is compartmentalized into phases, each of which have a number of linear regions to unlock. The physical selection of the areas though makes it experience less like a long series of closed up retreat rooms, which may typically think a little extremely repeated. That is actually just not the scenario here, as you are actually constantly left guessing at what your upcoming journey is going to be, and where you’ll go next.

Graphic courtesy Innerspace VR, Vertigo Video games

Stage set are attentively created, as well as the cartoony nature of the activity appears normally terrific, also on the video game’s very most humble intended platform, Quest 2. Object communication is very simple, although that doesn’t detract a lot of considering that it is actually primarily bars as well as a smaller temporary challenge bits our experts are actually managing listed below. Therefore, there is actually no inventory to speak of because all tools will appear to you as required, as well as attentively poofed back right into presence in the event you shed them.


One more Fisherman’s Tale possesses what our team will currently take into consideration the standard swath of comfort environments, which will let very most any individual enjoy with loved one convenience. There are instants though that personally create me experience a little doubtful– certainly not ‘dangle my scalp in the toilet negative, however I’ve participated in virtual reality enough time to know my triggers.

In lieu of cutscenes, the activity really loves to do move your POV around slowly, which is usually alright, although much of the moment you are actually being shrunk down thus scenes can appear greater. I commonly dislike this lack of management, regardless of whether it merely happens possibly when per section. There are also moments when your POV will definitely be bottom-side-up, nevertheless this too is a fairly unusual situation. All things thought about, it is actually a fairly relaxed game that essentially anyone may participate in without emotion anything however few brief little bits of eccentricity.

‘Yet another Angler’s Tale’ Comfort Environments– May 11th, 2023

Fabricated transforming
Fabricated action
Swappable activity palm
Standing method
Settled method
Man-made crouch
Genuine crouch

English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Standard Chinese, Basic Mandarin

Conversation audio
Languages English, French
Changeable problem
2 hands needed
Actual crouch demanded
Hearing called for
Adjustable player height