An additional Fisherman’s Tale|Ending|Facing Down The Mighty Kraken! – VR activities

Another Fisher’s Story|Ending|Dealing with Down The Mighty Kraken! VR activities

It’s opportunity to face the consequences of our actions. It’s time to face THE SEA SERPENT! The story of our wood fisherman concludes along with an extraordinary finale that makes sure to move your heartstrings!
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Introductory Film: “Undiscovered” (2022 )

This video game was used: Rift S.

Yet another Fisherman’s Tale, sequel to the acclaimed An Angler’s Tale, is a brand new psychedelic VR puzzle-adventure. A metrical account with unique virtual reality puzzle auto mechanics. Separate, Replace and also Manage your hands, address problems, explore brand new places and also find the truth.

Yet another Fisherman’s Tale:.

00:00 Intro + Summation.
01:05 The Kraken Is Actually Ruining Our Ship!
04:15 Fighting Against The Tentacles.
06:51 Jumping Into The Oral Cavity Of The Sea serpent.
09:10 Placing The Pirates Back All Together.
14:49 Virtually Inside The Eyes Of The Sea serpent.
18:27 Reunifying The Egg.
21:48 Back To The Lighthouse For One More Secret.
26:36 A Whole New Journey Waits For!

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Virtual reality Headsets:.
– Oculus Mission.
– Oculus Mission 2.
– Oculus Break S.
– Shutoff Index.
– HTC Vive.
– HTC Vive Pro.
– Playstation virtual reality.

Computer Specifications:.
– RTX 3090.
– i9-9900k central processing unit.
– 32 Gigabytes DDR4-3200mhz RAM.

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