(VRfun18) Plunge along with Ocean lions in 360 °|Sea Rift VR [8K]

( iframe width= “480” height= “270” src=” / / www.youtube.com/embed/tO_t8iJi59o” frameborder= “0” allow= “accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen) The golden state Ocean Cougar Ocean Lions are a team of seven aquatic mammal types characterised through exterior ears, sizable frontal fins and the capacity to stroll on land utilizing all four fins. Women se lions gave birth to their puppies ashore, and like all mammals create milk to nurse their younger.

Ocean lions are fast and also active animals that can easily go for a swim up to 35km ab hr and plunge to midsts of approximately 300m. They scour for fish as well as squid near mainline coasts, continental shelves and also ocean mounts, and hunt each independently as well as in groups. Sea cougars have additionally been noted cooperating with various other predators like dolphins and also ocean birds when searching. They are certainly not on top of the food web having said that, and also are commonly preyed upon through each whale as well as excellent whithe sharks.

California ocean lions are especially intelligent critters and also can be educated to perform various activities. They are often located carrying out methods at theme parks, aquariums as well as zoos worldwide.

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