(VRfun18) inVokeR

inVokeR is a one-on-one wizard dueling game specifically designed for VR platforms, that supports several single and online multiplayer modes.

Enter the whimsical shoes of a wizard and battle your peers in arcane duels. Cast earth-shattering spells to turn the tide of mystical battles, and command the elements to defeat your enemies. Challenge your friends or even strange wizards in intense, strategic, magical combat.

Cast a combination of offensive and defensive spells to gain the advantage in battle

– Four different fantasy battle stages to choose from
– Train your skills in the offline modes
– Train against AI with several difficulty settings
– Perfect your aim and spell-casting abilities in the three Target Break Time Attack modes
– Challenge yourself and test your skills in the aptly named Boss Trials

Prove yourself online and become the ultimate Archmage!

Play with friends in private matches
Fight against random players in public matches
Practice while you are waiting for your match to start
Optional Voice Chat

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CC: 8th Shore Inc