(VRfun18) Dive with Pliosaurus Dinosaur in 360° Ocean Rift VR [8K]

Facts about Pliosaurus
Pliosaurus were a genus of giant marine reptile that swam in the ocean around 150 million years ago, during the late Jurassic period. They were massive animals, measuring up to 13m in length and weighing over 30 tonnes.

Pliosaurus had large long-snouted heads, powerful jaws, short thick necks and two pairs of muscular flippers. As no modern animal species have a similar four-flipper adaptation, there remains considerable speculation as to how pliosaurus swam, though they probably used a mixture of rowing and up-and-down motions. It is also likely that short-necked pliosaurus were fast swimmers for their size.

Being one of the later and more evolved varieties of pliosaur, pliosaurus were likely the apex predators wherever they went, with a diet of fish, squid and other marine reptiles, including other pliosaurus. By the middle of the Mesozoic era however, with pressure from ancestral sharks, the pliosaurs place at the top of the food chain was taken by the faster and more vicious Mosasaurs.

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