(VRfun18) Dive with Killer Whales in 360° Ocean Rift VR [8K]

Facts about Killer Whales
Orcas, also known as killer whales, are a species of toothed whale from the oceanic dolphin family. They are the largest species of dolphin, measuring between five to nine meters in length and weighing up to ten tons.

Orcas are highly intelligent social creatures, and live in pods of five to thirty individuals. A pod can consist of as many as five generations, from babies to great-grandmothers. The orca language is one of the most complex in the animal kingdom, and orcas will pass down knowledge and culture from one generation to the next. Orcas communicate using a mixture of whistles, echolocation, clicks, pulsed calls, low-frequency pops, and jaw claps.

Orcas are apex predators with a diverse diet. Some groups will exclusively eat fish, while others will hunt marine animals such as sea lions, penguins, dolphins and even infant blue and sperm whales. They employ a variety of tactics when hunting, including suffocating sharks by holding them in place, herding schools of fish, tipping floating ice and creating waves to knock prey into the water.

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