(VRfun18) Car Crash Experience in VR: What is it Like to

This truly immersive 360° film puts the viewer inside a car as a car crash unfolds before their eyes. The 360 VR experience leaves nothing to the imagination. The crash and its aftermath are shocking, and make a long-lasting impression on young drivers.

In a very realistic 360 video, you feel as though you are in a car with other young people going along a country road, while the driver is showing his phone to the passengers in the back, and not paying full attention to the road.
You then lose all visibility. The lights come back on, and the paramedics have arrived to try and salvage the situation, while others in the car are left bleeding and crying.

The use of VR technology could prove to be extremely beneficial in ensuring that young people are aware of the dangers of driving recklessly. The video can be used for road safety education.

The 4K video is produced by Leicester Fire and Rescue Service to simulate being involved in a car crash.

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