(VRfun18) [4K] Tron Roller Coaster Ride

Experience Disney’s latest and greatest fantasy fulfillment with the Tron Roller Coaster Ride! Hold on tight as both you and your personal lightcycle get launched into The Grid at breakneck speed and battle for survival in the TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland. Best of all, the Tron Roller Coaster Ride is coming soon to Magic Kingdom in 2021!

We’ve been experimenting with putting a different spin on traditional onride videos, which is how our OverCapture POV came about. Everything starts with a 360 video, which allows us to include shots and angles of your favorite Disney rides and attractions that you’ve never seen before!

Let me know what you think below! Are you interested in seeing more of these types of OverCapture POV videos, along with our traditional 360 ride captures?

Video recorded March 2019

Full 360° version HERE: https://youtu.be/0469IiLSOJk
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