(VRfun18) Workout Wednesday: Fun Fitness Adventures

Welcome to our fourth and final Workout Wednesday—not to worry: you can still count on our monthly fitness digests to keep you inspired. Last week, we highlighted several trainer- and coach-led fitness apps and games, as well as some all-new content. We also showed you how to earn achievements in Meta Quest Move and shared the story of a FitXR trainer who doesn’t let being an amputee stop him from living an active life.

This week, we’re shining a light on how much fun it can be to get moving with VR fitness—despite the cold, rainy, and snowy winter weather outside. And on Meta Quest, there are so many apps and games to choose from that’ll get your heart pumping and your mind right. From a new geography game in VZfit to workouts that’ll take you around the world in Holofit by Holodia to recharging in nature with Guided Tai Chi, there’s no shortage of ways to jump into Meta Quest and work on your well-being from wondrous locations across the globe. So let’s dive in!

What’s New This Week


Today, the hit mixed martial arts app LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT is launching its new Astral Update. Featuring five all-new workouts and an out-of-this-world Space Station environment, you’ll be blasting off on your workout journey in no time.

This update also lets you prioritize your friends in Leaderboards so that you know who you’re working out with. Plus, with the new Ghost Mode, you’ll be able to compete against your own previous high score. And finally, you’ll be able to see which map contains each session.


Get ready to hoop like a champion with friends from around the world in your favorite NBA team’s arena.

Now, the leading VR basketball simulator is adding several new elements that’ll make rocking the court more fun than ever.

First, GYM CLASS – BASKETBALL VR has added new ways to express yourself. Featuring real physical movement tracking, you’ll be able to recreate any basketball move, whether it’s swishing threes, ball-hawking, blocking, or taking your friends to the hole, you’ll be looking like an All-Star before you know it.

In addition, there’s a wide variety of new game modes that’ll have you moving like a baller in no time, as well as multiplayer or AI-based shooting and passing drills, 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 competitive game modes so you can get next anytime you want.

Finally, GYM Class – Basketball VR can help boost your social game by connecting you to people around the world. With movement and voice, you’ll be able to express more of yourself, and that can lead to new social interactions with fellow hoops fans—all while you get a fantastic workout.

Demo and Training

Join us February 15 for a free online Meta Quest fitness event where you can learn how to make the most out of your VR workouts. And if you already have a Meta Quest headset, you can jump right into a live VR fitness experience with a demo specialist.

Click here to sign up. Reservations are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope to see you there!

Fun Fitness Adventures


With Supernatural, the hit VR fitness app, you can spend regular time with expert Coaches who will help you work up a sweat or meditate while immersed in beautiful locations across the world. Whether you’re in Galápagos, atop the Great Wall, or on the beach in Tahiti, you can experience breathtaking scenery and new workouts every day.


With VZfit, you can get your cardio in, play, cycle, and explore the world, all from the comfort of your own home—and on your own time.

This terrific VR fitness app now features Pin Point!, a new geography game that drops you in five random locations around the world and tasks you with moving your body to guess where you started.

With a choice of full-body cardio workouts or connecting your smart bike or fitness device, you’ll soon be ramping up your fitness routine with the help of VZfit’s AI trainer. But don’t worry if you don’t have a smart bike: You can get going with a simple cadence sensor.

So jump into VZfit today and try out all the great features that will have you working up a sweat in no time: challenges with cosmetics rewards, arcade style games, virtual levels, and multiplayer rides. And with more than 10 million miles of roads to explore from the snowy Italian Alps to the sunny Hawaiian coast and everywhere in between, you’ll have plenty of ways to get moving.

Click here to start your free trial today.

Holofit by Holodia

With Holofit, your cardio workouts will be fun, interactive, and motivational to keep you going. Holofit will take you to some amazing locations, places like Antarctica, Babylon, San Francisco, Paris, or even Saturn, underwater, or the Cyberpunk or Troglodyte worlds.

You’ll be able to run, cycle, or row in 15 different worlds and work your way through numerous HIIT, fat burn, or time-attack programs, all while trying to outdo other members of the Holofit community and burn up to 400 calories per session.

So get ready to use your body weight for skiing, running, rowing, or cycling, or full-body exercises that combine more than one of those, and even connect Holofit to your elliptical, bike, or rower to utterly transform your workouts.

And if you want, you can measure your calorie burn and save your workout data and progress in the companion Holofit app for Android or iOS.

Guided Tai Chi

Experience a truly modern reimagining of an ancient practice—while slowing things down and refreshing your mind, body, and spirit with more than 200 Tai Chi-inspired workouts set in 20 stunning locations, including mountain valleys, tropical beaches, and lush coastlines.

Guided Tai Chi offers three- to 60-minute sessions that’ll take you to the wilds of nature—right from your living room. And with more than 100 meditative sessions on offer in Flow Mode, you’ll have no trouble letting go of your tension and stress. That makes Guided Tai Chi an amazing gateway to Tai Chi’s concepts for beginners and will help you find yourself in the flow, fully refreshed and energized.

You can also compete across the globe. Strengthen and tone your body even as you relax your mind with Arcade Mode, where you can earn points for your perfect form across 100 sessions, or in World Tour Mode, where you can challenge yourself in an endurance marathon of up to 60 minutes.

Finally, Guided Tai Chi makes it easy to customize your workout with highly-adjustable settings. So find your happy place with optional foot, teacher, audio, and vibration refinement that meets your unique needs.

Carve Snowboarding

From the creator of 1080 Snowboarding, Carve Snowboarding lets you hit the slopes in VR for realistic arcade snowboarding unlike anything before it.

Strap on your headset and get ready to shred your way to mountain dominance with two unique modes:

  • With Time Attack, you can express your need for speed and race your way to the top of the Leaderboard.
  • Master tricks and show everyone your unique skills in Freestyle mode, now featuring Leaderboards.

But don’t bring all your gear. There’s plenty to find while you plow down the mountain. You can unlock new boards, gloves, and mixtapes so you’ll always be able to check out the mountain in style. And if you just want to chill out in your cabin, no worries. When après is done, head over there and get your gear and a booming soundtrack loaded up for the next run.

The Climb 2

With The Climb 2, the thrill of climbing comes alive as you scale majestic mountains or the tallest skyscrapers or ascend gargantuan caves, all while finding hidden shortcuts that’ll speed your journey to your destination. Featuring exciting new maps with breathtaking views, The Climb 2 lets you take on your friends and, yes, climb to the top of the leaderboards in asynchronous multiplayer modes. So whether you’re inching your way up alpine peaks or shimmying up to the outside of the 100th floor, you’ll be able to experience the rush of climbing, check out awe-inspiring views, and do it all without ropes.

Meta Quest Move Tips


Trends lets you better visualize your Meta Quest Move data and keep track of your fitness progress week to week. And if you really love hard numbers, you can dig deep into your stats with Trends and examine the peak and average intensity of your calories burned per minute.

Weekly Inspiration

Liteboxer Coach Aliyah Sims

“Working out in VR is important because the benefits are endless! You have access to a plethora of different workouts, coaches, and levels [and you] get to break a nice sweat from the comfort of [your] living room. Moving your body is not only great for your physical health but goes hand in hand with your mental health. Since the pandemic, I noticed my clients’ number one complaint was lack of motivation, which derives from lack of movement during hard times. I remember trying my first Liteboxer class and loved that I could ease my way into intensity, and even the most beginner-level classes had me breaking a sweat. What I love most is that I literally can’t stop smiling throughout the entire workout or mitt drill. It’s like I know good and well I’m in my living room with my dog staring at me, but I truly feel like I’m at the gym or in the ring with my coach!”

Keep Your VR Fitness Journey Going

Thanks so much for joining us all month long for Workout Wednesday. VR fitness on Meta Quest is all about fun, and we’re committed to helping more people get going on their fitness journeys. No matter if you’re putting in just a few minutes a day or hours a week working up a serious sweat, if you’re moving, your heart rate is going up, and that means you’re doing the right thing for yourself.

If you’re ready to make VR part of your exercise routine, we want to celebrate you. Take a post-workout selfie and tag #VRfitness on Instagram to share your fitness journey with the VR community. And we’ll see you in February for our next VR Fitness Digest.