(VRfun18) VR Documentary Collection Missing Pictures Debuts Next Month On Mission

Missing Pictures brings a new five-part immersive documentary collection to virtual truth, coming to Quest and PC VR on December 1.

A collective effort in between multiple production companies, Missing out on Pictures assures “a parallel history of movie theater through virtual reality.” Running for ten minutes per episode, the Missing Pictures collection is directed by Clément Deneux, with private episodes featuring directors Abel Ferrara, Naomi Kawase, Catherine Hardwicke, Lee Myung-se and Tsai Ming-Liang. Tsai Ming-Liang and Kuan-Yuan Lai sign up with Denuex as co-directors on episodes two and four.

Each episode information the story of a film that the directors were unable to make and the situations that avoided them from getting them off the ground, in between funding issues, “extremely political topics,” and more. Shot in volumetric capture, Missing Pictures claims that it’s using VR to exceed standard interviews, taking viewers to a behind-the-scenes envisioning of these dreamed worlds.

“We wanted to use the uniqueness of VR and volumetric capture to embody these ghost movies. Virtual reality allows us to develop a reinterpretation of the cinematic task, something that is not about cinema but more about an encounter in between the audience and the filmmakers,” explained Deneux, in a prepared declaration. “The primary obstacle was that each episode should have its own character, reflecting the innovative procedure and the creative universe of each of these filmmakers.”

Missing Pictures releases on December 1, offered on the Meta Mission platform through App Laboratory, alongside PC VR through Steam and Viveport.