(VRfun18) PSVR 2 Games: Every Announced And Rumored Project

[]PSVR 2 has been announced and is hopefully coming soon, but what about PSVR 2 games?

[]Note: This article was originally published on January 6 and has since been updated.

[]We’ve got a full rundown of all announced and rumored PSVR 2 games to keep track of. We’ll be keeping this list up to date, so check back often.

[]Harnessing the power of the PS5, PSVR 2 will be capable of much more ambitious games than the original headset, which ran on the PS4. But with the device only just announced, Sony is playing its cards close to its chest when it comes to the software library. So far we have only a handful of fully announced PSVR 2 games, but there are plenty of other titles that are rumored or hinted at to talk about too. This list includes rumored PSVR 2 games and also titles that appear on both PS4 and PS5 but have PSVR support for the latter, making them likely targets for PSVR 2 too.

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PSVR 2 Games: Confirmed Games

Horizon Call of the Wild

[]The first game Sony itself has officially announced for PSVR 2, Horizon Call of the Wild is a spin-off of the popular open-world series. You’ve likely already played Horizon Zero Dawn, in which protagonist Aloy learned about the near-extinction of humanity and the rise of dinosaur-like machines, and the sequel, Forbidden West, is coming to PS4 and PS5 soon.

[]Call of the Wild is an all-new entry in which you play as a new character (though you will meet Aloy) and is developed by one of Sony’s newly-acquired studios, Firesprite. More details are yet to be revealed but you can see the first gameplay above and we’re hopeful that this will be a PSVR 2 launch title, too.


[]Horizon might be the first game Sony announced for PSVR 2, but Runner developer Truant Pixel announced its intention to release on the platform nearly a year before that. This is an anime-inspired biking game in which you speed down futuristic highways fending off enemies with dual-wielding weapons. It’s got gorgeously animated cutscenes and is also expected to launch on Quest 2 and PC VR. Perhaps not a raw display of PSVR 2’s power, then, but a good indication of what you can expect from indie development on the headset.


[]The long-anticipated sci-fi title from Iris VR has been promising to join the line-up of PSVR 2 games for years now. Low-Fi is designed to be a futuristic life-simulator inspired by the likes of Blade Runner in which players can make their own choices about how to proceed. It’s been in early access on Itch for a few years, with the developer continuing to bolt on new features. Hopefully 2022 will see the launch of the full version of the game on PSVR 2.

Samurai Slaughter House

[]Another indie studio that’s been very quick to confirm it’ll join the list of PSVR 2 games, Samurai Slaughter House is a bloody melee combat game with a black and white art style and physics-based fighting. The game’s also planned for PC VR and Quest 2.

PSVR 2 Games: Rumored Games

[]These are possible PSVR 2 games that developers have either hinted at or seem very likely to come to the platform.

Resident Evil 8

[]Capcom’s staple horror series returned with another mainline entry in 2021. Resident Evil 8 returned to the first-person camera perspective first seen in 2017’s PSVR-supported Resident Evil 7. Reports that correctly revealed the game’s setting and mechanics ahead of launch also claimed that Capcom was implementing VR support into the title at one point in time. Is it possible that implementation was put on pause until PSVR 2 was out? We certainly hope so.

Gran Turismo 7

[]PS4’s Gran Turismo Sport featured bare-bones support for PSVR. The actual experience was incredibly polished, but it only let you race against one other AI opponent or perfect your lap times. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself expressed frustration with the performance needed for a good VR experience and once said he expected that to improve in the next-generation of consoles. More recently, he cryptically noted that he couldn’t talk about possible VR support for Gran Turismo 7 “yet”. All things considered, this seems like a solid bet to become a full PSVR 2 game in the future.

Farpoint 2

[]Farpoint became one of PSVR’s most popular shooters thanks to its reliance on the excellent rifle-shaped Aim Controller. The game had a full single-player campaign and a fun — if limited — multiplayer option, sending players to an alien world to fight spider-like monsters. Developer Impulse Gear recently put out another great shooter named Larcenauts for Quest and PC VR. Around that time, we asked the studio’s Greg Koreman about a possible return to the series.

[]He told us: “We definitely don’t have anything to announce at the moment but that is our roots and we’re very happy with what we did on Farpoint. And I think you look at that game and that universe and there’s absolutely a lot more to explore there.” Yep, it sounds like a sequel is very possiblyy one of the upcoming PSVR 2 games.

Half-Life: Alyx

[]What must be one of the most hoped-for PSVR 2 games is a port of Valve’s stunning return to its flagship franchise from 2020. Alyx absolutely delivered on the AAA VR dream with a long, highly-polished campaign that really capitalized on the platform. Before launch in 2019, Valve’s Greg Coomer had this to say to PushSquare on the possibility of a PSVR port for the game: “We believe Sony’s VR platform has been a huge success for the medium, and we assume that lots of Sony customers would love to experience this new chapter of Half-Life.” Could we see Alyx arrive on PSVR 2 with this in mind?

PSVR 2 Games: Cross-Gen Games With PSVR 1 Support

[]There are games that are on both PS4 and PS5 already and have PSVR support on PS4, thus making them likely candidates for PS5 games in the future.

Hitman 3

[]Arguably the last truly huge PSVR release, Hitman 3 featured timed-exclusive support for the headset when it launched in January 2021. Not only could you play the entire game in first-person using the DualShock 4’s motion controls, but you could import the campaigns from Hitman 1 and 2 and play them there too. This January the timed-exclusivity window will be up and the game’s getting VR support on PC, too, with two-handed motion controls. It’s a very good indication that, when PSVR 2 drops, the PS5 version of Hitman 3 could well add in support.

No Man’s Sky

[]Hello Games’ celebrated sci-fi epic has had VR support on PS4 and PC for years now and maintained a consistent player base. In fact, the game even supports upgraded visuals for PSVR on PS5, giving players an early taste of the visual clarity they can expect for PSVR 2 games. But we’re fully expecting the native PS5 version of the game to get full support for Sony’s new headset when it finally launches. There’ll be hundreds of hours of space exploration just waiting for you. It’s an exciting thought.

The Persistence

[]Sony bought Horizon Call of the Mountain developer Firesprite in 2021, but the Liverpool, UK-based team had been showing support for PSVR long before that. It created the fantastic timed-exclusive, The Persistence, first for PSVR. It’s a thrilling, procedurally generated survival horror game that established palpable atmosphere. The Persistence eventually found its way to other headsets and flatscreen platforms including PS5. Once the new headset’s released, it’s a solid bet that this will be one of the new PSVR 2 games we can enjoy on the device.


[]Kona is something of an oddity. It’s a first-person investigation game set in snowy Northern Canada. You look into strange events that have left a small town deserted and survive the blizzard. The PS4 and PC versions of the game got premium VR DLC that let you play the entire experience with a headset. A PS5 version arrived somewhat out of the blue with a free upgrade. Hopefully we’ll see this version also get PSVR 2 support once the headset arrives.

[]And that’s the current list of confirmed and rumored PSVR 2 games! What are you looking forward to? Are there any other titles you’re hoping get announced? Let us know in the comments below!