(VRfun18) Explore the Galaxy’s Wonders in ‘Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game,’

Fans of Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris know what it’s like to preside over a galaxy—to trade with (or rule over) aliens of all sorts, to discover new planets and counter threats from the safety of a homeworld thousands of light years away.

But maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the universe. Today Fast Travel Games announced Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, an action-roguelite set in Paradox’s sci-fi milieu. Check out the debut trailer:

Set to launch on Meta Quest 2 in early 2023, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game charges you with captaining the Aurora on a journey into the unknown. The titular Ghost Signal is your ultimate goal, a mysterious transmission from the depths of space. There’s a lot to see before you reach your destination, though—interstellar wars, creatures the size of entire planets, alien homeworlds and lost temples, maybe even dragons.

“For years Stellaris has captivated players with its vast and wondrous universe,” said Christopher Smith, Lead Game Designer at Fast Travel Games. “Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game takes that universe and brings it closer than ever before. Both fans and newcomers are sure to discover something special among the stars.”

The universe is vast and full of wonders, and you’ll only see a sliver of them on any given run. Conduct research across multiple tech trees by scanning and logging your discoveries—including (thanks to asynchronous multiplayer) other players’ deserted ships. But don’t expect everything to come in peace. Upgrade and outfit the Aurora as you go, turning powerful weapons against the fleets of enemy ships standing between you and the Ghost Signal.

Every trip through Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is different, with randomized maps and reshuffled discoveries. You’ll also be able to test your captain skills against others via Daily Challenges, climbing to the top of both local and global leaderboards.

So hang up your imperial crown or press pause on your galactic federation. The universe needs you in a different way, captain. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is set to launch in 2023. Check out @GhostSignalVR or the official website for more information!