(VRfun18) A Look at the Meta Quest Pro Launch Lineup

Meta Quest Pro is now available, giving people access to immersive mixed reality experiences that provide a greater sense of social presence in VR. Developers started building mixed reality experiences leveraging Presence Platform on Meta Quest 2 and now, with Meta Quest Pro’s advanced mixed reality tools like full-color Passthrough, scene understanding, shared spatial anchors, as well as hand tracking and more, they’re taking their apps to the next level.

The library of existing Meta Quest 2 titles is available on Meta Quest Pro. And today, we’re highlighting some of the apps you can try on day one that make the best use of Meta Quest Pro’s new features for both professionals and everyday VR enthusiasts alike. These apps can also all be used on Meta Quest 2.


Collaborating on designs has never been this immersive—or this easy. Meta Quest Pro’s full-color Passthrough lets you blend the physical and virtual worlds on your own or with up to 23 other people all using Arkio’s tools together in mixed reality to design buildings, interiors, game environments, and so much more. Dropping virtual furniture in a room, experimenting with adding a new window to a wall, or even getting rid of a wall are all simple tasks. And because Arkio incorporates Movement SDK’s face and eye tracking for Meta Avatars on Meta Quest Pro, you and your co-workers can truly be present together even when you’re physically apart.

Try out Arkio’s basic features for free, or sign up for ongoing licenses with Plus ($8 USD per month), Pro ($45 USD per month), or Enterprise ($85 USD per month).

Figmin XR

If you’ve ever imagined building a fantasy world right in your own living room, complete with exotic creatures, animated monsters, levitating planets, floating text, and realistic physics governing it all, this is the app for you. Powered by Tilt Brush, Figmin XR lets you create sketches in 3D and import 3D models and use them to decorate rooms, build educational or physics-based games, make interactive art, or any other kind of mixed reality experience you can dream up. And once you’re done, you can publish what you’ve made for everyone to see.

Created by Overlay, Figmin XR is available now for $19.95 USD.

Gravity Sketch

Already loved by millions, this 3D design and collaboration app is coming to Meta Quest Pro and leveraging some of the VR headset’s most innovative capabilities to make designing 3D objects and art better than ever. Using Meta Quest Pro’s stylus tips and taking advantage of both color Passthrough and spatial anchors, you’ll be able to design almost anything you can imagine. The perfect tool for designers or anyone who wants to be creative, Gravity Sketch makes it super simple to turn your ideas into 3D imagery.

Gravity Sketch is available now for free.

I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

I Expect You To Die is already one of the biggest hit franchises for the Meta Quest Platform, and now the secret agent series is adding mixed reality. With I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home, players can turn their own living rooms into an escape room thanks to the app’s use of Passthrough technology. This new mini mission tasks you with solving puzzles, breaking your way out of fiendish traps, and using your wits to defeat Dr. Zor’s diabolical plans. Get going before the Zornets track you down!

I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home, from Schell Games, is available now for free.


You’ll never have to envy the size of a co-worker’s monitor again when you and your teammates jump into your VR office in Immersed. A terrific place to work solo on multiple huge virtual screens or collaborate around whiteboards and up to five screens mirroring from your PC, this productivity app uses color Passthrough to let you bring your physical work environment into the virtual world. And that means you and your team can get a lot more done without ever having to take off your headset.

Immersed is available now for free.

Meta Horizon Workrooms

What if you and a couple of co-workers could inspect a 3D model of a product you’re designing together, even when you’re physically located on opposite sides of the country? And what if you could see your boss’s face light up when you nail a key point in a team meeting, even when you’re at home and she’s in the office? Now you can do all of that and more in VR.

One of the use cases that’s going to drive large-scale adoption of the metaverse over time is work. And with Meta Horizon Workrooms, you don’t have to wait to collaborate with co-workers in VR. Built for any team to use, Meta Horizon Workrooms is our mixed reality productivity tool that lets you be present with colleagues no matter where you’re located. Leveraging color Passthrough and Meta Avatars powered by Meta Quest Pro’s eye and face tracking technology, you’ll be able to express yourself while bringing your physical desk into VR, taking notes, drawing on virtual whiteboards, and working together on that 3D model. You can also jump into breakout groups, work on numerous virtual screens, and even start video conferences with teammates who aren’t in VR.

Meta Horizon Workrooms is currently in beta and free to anyone with a Meta Quest Pro.


Why study chemistry in a book when you can actually grab molecules and manipulate them in an immersive environment? With Nanome, you can build 3D molecules or construct entire proteins from hundreds of virtual atoms, and by incorporating color Passthrough and shared spatial anchors, Nanome lets you place your virtual molecules in your physical office. And you can use your Meta Avatar and work collaboratively with others on your scientific discoveries, writing notes on virtual whiteboards, importing chemicals and proteins from the internet, and even load experimental data such as electron density maps. All of this is why everyone from large R&D labs to chemistry students use Nanome to design and analyze molecular structures.

Nanome is free for personal use, and classroom licenses start at $199 USD per year. Visit nanome.ai for commercial or research use.

Painting VR

Have you always wanted a studio where you can hang your best paintings and invite the crème de la crème of the art world to come and admire your work? With Painting VR, all of that and more is at your fingertips. Featuring loads of tools for mixing colors and changing brushes, plus an unlimited supply of paint and canvases, you’ll be learning to paint in no time. And thanks to color Passthrough and shared spatial anchors, you can put those treasures on the walls of your gallery, er, your living room, and have an exhibition for your friends any time you want.

Painting VR, from Oisoi Studio, is available now for $19.99 USD.


There’s long been the promise that VR would revolutionize building construction and operations, and now, by applying Meta Quest Pro’s powerful tools to Resolve, that time is here. With the Wellington Engine, its custom 3D rendering engine, Resolve can render huge 3D building information models (BIM) with millions of polygons in VR. You’ll be able to use augmented reality capabilities thanks to full-color Passthrough, and you and your team can walk through your virtual models while overlaying those models on the physical world. Reviewing digital building assets will never be the same.

Resolve is available to try today for free.


Ideating and designing new products or business concepts requires creativity and effective communication. But if everyone on the team is working remotely, it can be hard to have productive meetings about a project. That’s where ShapesXR can make all the difference. Built to help product owners, business leaders, and product owners think and create spatially in mixed reality, ShapesXR lets your team start building in 3D in just minutes, even without any previous experience. Just grab your Meta Quest Pro stylus and start commenting and sketching, and you’ll be well on your way to building and sharing immersive 3D presentations and storyboards. Your entire team can work on the project together in real time and invite clients or stakeholders to review the progress in VR. And because the app uses full-color Passthrough and eye and face tracking, you’ll be able to use your surroundings as a canvas for your digital content while also seeing your teammates’ reactions to each other’s ideas.

ShapesXR is available today from Shapes. Corp for free.

Tribe XR

Let’s get this party started. With Tribe XR, you can learn how to work DJ decks like a club pro. You can take lessons from DJ tutors or mentors, learn and collaborate with a global community of fellow DJs, and even spin to a global audience. Tribe XR puts you in front of professional Pioneer DJ gear, and thanks to color Passthrough, you’ll be able to get your friends’ heads bobbing in a dance party in your own living room or in the club. Because Tribe XR incorporates Meta Avatars and face and eye tracking, you’ll see everyone dancing and have a much deeper sense of social presence with them. And thanks to spatial anchors, you can pin your equipment to your room so you can jump on the decks anytime you want. Start mixing in mixed reality today!

Tribe XR is available today for $29.99 USD.


Keeping your head on straight in the crazy and chaotic world we all live in demands time spent relaxing and focusing on your wellbeing. That’s where TRIPP comes into play. With this innovative meditation app, you’ll be able to focus on mindfulness and stress relief through a series of daily practice, calming sounds, and breathing exercises. Using color Passthrough and Scene Understanding that lets you convert your living space into an inner sanctum, TRIPP will have you feeling back in control before you know it.

TRIPP is free to start, with subscriptions starting at $4.99 USD per month.


We all enjoy traveling with friends and family, but how often do we get to do so? With Wooorld, you can explore the world with anyone, even when you can’t get on a plane together. Planning a trip? Meet real people from your next destination and get a personal tour of the best places to see. You can visit countless cities, landmarks, and natural wonders in beautiful 3D detail. And with Meta Avatars with face and body tracking, you’ll be able to see the delight on their faces as you explore together or even play minigames like “Where in the Wooorld.”

Wooorld is available today for $14.99 USD.

Get Ready for More Great Content

These are just some of the many titles available today on Meta Quest Pro. And developers will be creating a wide range of other experiences in the months to come. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them.