(VRfun18) Virtual Mate: Reviews, Costs, Technology, and More

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Virtual Mate is a virtual reality adult game that’s currently in crowdfunding mode. Virtual Mate was launched on December 15th, 2019 for Crowdfunding and hopes to raise money for a full launch. The technology, according to the company’s CEO Jeff Dillion, has been in the works for two years.

The company bill’s it’s product as  the “world’s First Virtual Intimacy System.”

But how good is it?

In terms of a concise explanation of the product, Virtual Mate allows men to move a Fleshlight style gadget over their dick, the movements are reflected by the virtual girls on screen. This is not a Fleshlight, rather, the design is similar, as is the use. The difference is that when you move Virtual Mate up, down, or side-to-side, the girl on the screen’s body reflects those movements.

While Virtual Mate’s technology crowdfunding totals, so far, are wowing everyone at $254,994.00; many remain skeptical as to whether or not the virtual porn reality technology will prosper following it’s intended launch in a few weeks.

Because it isn’t launched, I’m not reviewing Virtual Mate for inclusion into my top VR Porn Games section. But given a smooth launch and some user time, I will definitely circle back.

So, yeah, we’re gonna take a closer look with our Virtual Mate Review. Because that’s what we do here at Porn Games.

Virtual Mate Review: What Is It Exactly?

California’s Unreal Engine created what they believe is the future of virtual sex. Virtual Mate’s function is to engage the user in a way that’s never before happened. While the media hype is a bit overkill (which is expected), the product’s ability to mimic a man’s movements to the display is pretty captivating.

The movements of the virtual girl as said to improve over time. And Virtual Mate promises to extend the virtual girl lineup based on user requests, pending they get licensing rights.

The male sex toy device clearly makes it a male-only game. But the manufacturers say they are working on a female version. I’d imagine that’s contingent on a clean launch by the current version.

Advanced teledildonics allow for2D and 3D virtual experiences. You’ll have virtual sex with a virtual girl. How virtual!

Virtual Mate should be ready for a full launch in a matter of a few weeks.

Using Virtual Mate

using virtual mate

To start Virtual Mate, you press a button located on the top and the device fires up.

virtual mate start

Once you’ve synced with your chosen platform, it’s pretty self-exclamatory from there.

Virtual Mate is far more than a sit and watch porn experience. You will need to be an active participant or the experience crumbles.

You place the Virtual Mate on your cock. Once it is on and Sheila, the Virtual Mate girl appears, you can begin having sex with her.

She will tease you at first with her sexy voice and body. But quickly, you’ll be virtually inserted inside of her. As you move and stroke your cock with the Virtual Mate, so goes Sheila’s body. Her hips and head and voice will all react to your strokes. If you stroke slow and left, she’ll react with porn precision.

Speaking of Sheila, let’s get into her a little more (pun intended)

Virtual Mate Graphics

virtual mate review graphics

Meet Sheila, the first Virtual Mate girl.

From the outset, you’ll realize that Virtual Mate graphics are stunning and so realistic that’s its difficult not to at least pay some attention. While I’m not lured in by VR porn experiences as much as many others, when you see these virtual girls, you feel drawn in.

Just look at this close up shot of a Sheila’s eyes.

virtual mate hot girl

Here Sheila is riding you while you’re using the device (at least, this is the sample, the device customizes itself to your movements).

virtual mate girl

As you can see, Virtual Mate graphics provide far more than just some lovey-dovey VR embracing.

Instead, the sexual ecosystem is vibrant and sexy and enticing.

I find Sheila’s voice incredibly sexy.

Again, Virtual Mate wants to sign on more girls, but I’m sure that relies on the product being successful.

Tech Specs

Virtual Mate works with PCs and Macs alike. Additionally, to truly beef up your virtual sexperience, the device is compatible with both Oculus and HTC Vive. When you use a VR headset, you’ll get the full Virtual Mate experience, no doubt. In terms of your computer’s hardware, Virtual Mate has yet to publish any specifications. Instead, they tell you that if you can play World of Warcraft, you should be set.

In terms of your smartphones, you can use Virtual Mate with Gear VR and other similar devices.

As for now, Virtual Mate is not compatible with Playstation. Maybe its good to have at least one device free of the temptations of virtual reality porno. Or maybe not, depending on how bad your habit is.

Virtual Mate Cost

During the crowdfunding stage, the first 500 Virtual Mates went for $145. That got boosted to $199.

Right now, preorders cost $299.

The eventual normal cost will be $399, according to the manufacturer.

That could change, of course.

Virtual Mate vs. Fleshlight

Whether it be Fleshlight or Chathouse 3D, many may say that Virtual Mate isn’t all that unique at all. Fleshlight allows virtual controls. Chathouse 3D allows devices to enhance its porn game experience.

So then why is Virtual Mate so unique? Is it just marketing?

The main difference is that Virtual Mate’s technology allows reactions to your movements. Because it is equipped with real-time sensors, Virtual Mate connects you more intimately with your VR partner than it’s competition does. In short, Virtual Mate is a more advanced VR porn experience.

Here’s a sample of Virtual Mate technology at work.

review virtual mate sensors

Virtual mate’s main girl, Sheila, who is used in my sample graphics above, reacts to your movements. She also speaks in real-time.

This technology will allow Virtual Mate to sign on any girl they want and render them a virtual porn experience for us. As noted prior, they’ll need to obtain permission from the person or brand, prior to use. But it’s staggering just how impressive this technology is.


Virtual Mate is a cutting edge VR porn device. It separates itself from the VR herd by way of technology that allows for instantaneous, realistic feedback. In other words, the girl moves as you move the device on your cock.

The marketing hype is bigger than the product, but the product is a legit futuristic endeavor that’s likely to change the VR porn game experience.

It currently only caters to men.