(VRfun18) ViRo Playspace, LewdTube Launch ‘ViRo Live Studio’

LOS ANGELES — The creators of ViRo Playspace and LewdTube have jointly released ViRo Live Studio, described as the first “VTuber” solution for adult cam performers.

A rep noted “VTubers” are performers who broadcast as virtual avatars in live, motion-tracked performances.

“Built on the engine behind the studio’s most popular virtual cam performer, Vex Ruby,” the rep said, “ViRo Live offers professional, full-body and facial motion capture along with the ability to import custom models, Chaturbate and other popular cam site API integration, tipping and live customer interaction support, as well as integration with over 100 of the most popular haptic sex toys from manufacturers such as Lovense, Kiiroo and many more.”

ViRo Live Studio allows any cam performer to “fully express themselves as a virtual avatar.”

“We believe that safety promotes expression and with ViRo Live Studio, virtual avatars can display a full range of motion and emotions,” the rep continued. “From naughty smiles, to full body motion, every movement is on full display with your avatar without ever needing to show your real face. We’re so excited to see how others express themselves as a live adult VTuber, or ‘LewdTuber.'”

LewdTube, which operates a directory of virtual webcam models, is also offering the “Vex Helmet,” a helmet with a phone mount that was designed to assist the face-capture process to track a performer’s facial expressions.

“We designed the helmet to be easier to use and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time compared to other similar options on the market,” the rep explained. “Combined with the optional advanced iPhone face-capture with our companion iOS app: ViRo Live Face Portal, becoming a LewdTuber from the comfort of your own home has never been easier.”

The performer behind Vex Ruby feels their fans experience “a more genuine version of me because I get to perform using this medium.”

“I am thrilled that these tools will be easily accessible to anyone who may be interested in experiencing ‘LewdTubing,'” they added. “Plus, it also brings the opportunity to further diversify the camming community, which is also something we are all looking forward to seeing.”

ViRo Live Studio is now available on Stream.

Visit LewdTube for more information and follow the company on Twitter.