(VRfun18) Shrunk by a Succubus – VR Pornography Video Recording

Jane has taken you home after partying all night- she takes you right into her residence, welcoming you around the residence. In the light she appears like she has. cogs? She intervenes to become something even more comfy and also visits wearing a significant robe, her body on show in the sheer mesh. Her fangs glint as she whispers in your ear her magic incantation … SHRINK. PROVIDE. STROKE. She shrinks you in a set of magic castings, words reflecting in your scalp as her butt is actually taller as well as taller over you, her heels right now overlooking your little physical body, her dildo ten times your dimension as you’re encompassed in your outdated outfits like mountain ranges! She pulls your height, your longing, your extremely electricity coming from your very small physical body. You praise her, aggravating her nipples and also stroking while she counts you down. and also refuses you! She puts you in a box along with her other followers, ready to participate in again one more day.

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