(VRfun18) X-Rated Physical Examination by VRGameShop


X-Rated Explanation

Understand the dream circumstance that everybody longs for in VR!Do whatever you wish to a gal making use of the medical exam as a reason!

I provided her a value, placed a stethoscope on her, made her take off her garments, rubbed her boobs, as well as her activities steadily escalated.When a girl is
in heat, place a foreign object right into her mouth!At completion, let’s have the lady seek sexual activity!

In addition to the features of the previous video game, like kissing, streaming, putting, and also ejaculating, a variety of brand-new functions including breast/head grabbing as well as orgasm effects are put up!

[Different reactions]: Depending on the girl’s exhilaration and distaste, she will definitely either object to or allow your activities!

[Ecchi scene]: Certainly not only the exam scene, however also the ecchi scene!

[Pass-through]: Assists pass-through! Conform along with your area as the history!

[Hand Tracking]: Supports hand monitoring! Examine a girl with your own hands for an extra practical adventure!

[Standalone]: No video gaming PC demanded! Meta Quest2 may be taken on by itself! Install it on your tool and participate in effortlessly!

[A number of characters]: Even more characters will definitely be added with updates! Different personalities will definitely have various responses as well as amounts of enthusiasm!?

Activity Controls (Oculus)

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VRGameShop is actually a Japanese game developer that concentrates on virtual reality hentai games for the Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and also Pursuit Pro.