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VR Kyara Description

VR porn game for the Quest 2 with quality sex animations and good voice acting.

Developer Comments


Use your controllers to move the scene how you want it. Once done, put controllers down to use your hands to interact with her. Make sure your Quest 2 is set to change between controllers and hands automatically.

When standing, if you touch her breasts, she cycles between six lines that she says to you.

Touch her vagina to get her to lay back so you can fuck her. Once she’s in that position, you will have to restart the app if you want to get her to stand back up.


Update 11/16/2022

First real version of the game. The paid version has two sex positions, and one position of her seductively laying on her side. You can toggle between bouncy tits, or more realistic moving ones. You can move Kyara with your controller now (put her where you want her). To move the entire scene, you have to push a button on the menu.

Known Bugs

Every once in awhile her tits will start to shake out of control when on “realistic”.

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High Def Simulator Plans

I am not sure if I’ll resume working on the high def PCVR version of the project. Originally, when I uploaded the Quest 2 version, no one was downloading the PCVR version. That seems to have changed. However, if I do start working on it again, it will be because I have feedback from people who want me to do so. The High Def version cannot use hand tracking (PCVR doesn’t support it, and HDRP won’t work on the Quest 2), so it would be a different experience.

Future Update Plans

  • I have figured out how to render some loops in HD. I will probably add these as options. Since they are prerendered scenes, you won’t be able to interact with Kyara (or other characters), but the graphics will be an upgrade.
  • I had the voice lines done in a more upbeat tone, just need to incorporate them into the experience. In the future, she’ll randomly toggle between the two  different tones each time you start up the app.
  • I will then work on more lines. The goal is to have about five different places to touch her, each with their own voice lines.
  • I will add more variety to her moans.
  • I will add a second character to interact with. More than likely she will be set up exactly like Kyara, just look different.
  • ??????? Let me know what features you’d like to see in the future.

Previous Updates

Update 10/25/2022

There is a new demo that I’ve uploaded as its own APK. The new girl, Kyara, is anime inspired. To fully utilize this demo, you will need to have your Quest 2 set to automatically switch between controller, and hands.   Use the controller anywhere to move the scene. Put your controllers down, and once your hands appear, you will be able to play with her breasts. By her vagina, I’ve left a small silver sphere for now. This is a trigger to get her to ride you. Each time your right hand touches the sphere, she will ride, then reset.

There is also a menu by her that you can use to adjust lighting (only works with hands, not with controllers), and lock her in place in case you want to use the controller, but don’t want to accidentally move the scene. There are also buttons for other scenes, but they aren’t enabled on this demo. You can also hide the menu. Once you do, you will need to restart the app if you want to access the menu again.

Previous Update

There is now a second scene (on your menu) you can access that has hand tracking (In your quest, make sure it is set to automatically switch between hand tracking, and using controllers). You can pick her up and move her by grabbing her by the ribcage. If your right hand makes contact with an area about six inches above her vagina, she’ll ride you. It also has passthrough, so you can have her in your room if you have passthrough enabled on your headset.

I don’t have a way to get to the first scene once you’re in the handtracking one, so you’ll have to just restart the app if you want to get back to it.

This is a sex simulator made with Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline. I’m testing out to see if it is viable. The framerate is low, but since there isn’t a lot of movement, it doesn’t seem to bother me. Let me know if it bothers you. I plan on maybe doing this exact setup, but a little less high def if feedback tells me I need to.


Kuminer makes free VR sex games for the Quest and PCVR.