(VRfun18) iCandy – Download VR Sex Games

The iCandy prototype is short interactive sex simulation currently in development and supported through contributions on Patreon. iCandy aims for quality over quantity, the goal being to push the boundaries of realism and engagement in a series of short but polished encounters.

Feel free to download and play the short prototype, available for Oculus, Vive and non-VR PCs and Macs. Stay tuned for updates as new features get developed and tested in ongoing beta releases exclusively available to Patreon supporters.

Currently Implemented Features

  • Character Customization: Craft the physical appearance of your character to your desire with dozens of body morphs, skin tone, eye and hair control.
  • Facial Expressions: A procedural and reactive facial animation system blends expressions and emotions to create an intimate and responsive partner.
  • Flexible Platform & Controls: Download a single executable app to play in a seated VR experience or on standard screen. Use a control scheme that fits your setup, from gaze tracking, keyboard & mouse, or Vive controller support.

The current iCandy prototype features a limited set of character customizations and animation for a single sex position. But this is just the beginning. Richer character customizations, a wider variety of sex positions, and a deeper personality driven partner AI are all planned future developments.

Features In Development

  • Texture Blending: Quickly and flexibly blend different styles of lingerie and underwear onto your character. Select and color different makeup styles.
    • Gender Selection: Full control over gender selection and customization of your own avatar, allowing you to experience the scene from a perspective and gender of your choice.
  • Sex Positions: Transition between 3-5 different sex positions each with distinct controls to alter pace and other aspects of your encounter.
    • More? Many more features, from soft-body physics to hair control, are currently in early development or planned. Beyond these features I’m interested in developing iCandy within a community of supporters.

iCandy will developed in a flexible way, allowing for changes in the direction and design. Since I’m a solo game developer I recognize the need to rely on a community for feedback and support. As a contributor to the project through Patreon you’ll have access to development updates, feedback polls, beta versions, and perhaps other exciting TBA content.

Episodes? The current experience is a prototype for the first episode of iCandy. I’ve chosen the most basic vanilla experience to start with. The idea being that if I can get this to be effective, I can delve into more adventurous territory with future episodes. Ultimately, I want to craft a series of small, highly polished experiences that explore the full potential of interactive VR porn.

Want more? Stay tuned for updates here or on Patreon. Thanks for reading!