(VRfun18) Harlem at Home by VR Game Shop


Harlem at Home VR Hentai Game Description

  • [Harlem]: Contains 4 characters and can be summoned at the same time!
  • [Kiss]: When you kiss the character, it follows the player’s face! When you tilt your head, the character tilts in the opposite direction to reproduce the movement of deep kiss!
  • [Pass-through]: Oculus camera image, that is, your room is in the background! Experience Harlem Etch in a familiar room!
    (Due to Oculus restrictions, the sample image has a single color background)
  •  [Hand operation]: Summon, move, position / size / speed change, ejaculation, etc. of the character, almost all operations are completed with your own hands!
  •  [Voice command]: If you say “Iku!” Three or more times in a row, it will switch to ejaculation mode. Go to ejaculation mode with both hands free!
  • [Story]: Built-in short story with each character!
  • [Standalone]: No gaming PC is required. It works by Oculus Quest2 alone.
  • [Other detailed functions]: The mouth moves according to the character’s speech, the chest / hair can be touched, the oma 〇 reacts when touched with a hand or chin, sperm comes out from the chin when ejaculating

*Please select “Allow” for the question “Do you want to allow HaremInMyRoom to record audio?” Of Oculus at the first startup. It has been reported that it does not work well unless the microphone is allowed. Also, we would appreciate it if you could check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

Any questions please contact the developer at
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soramel23_eng
ci-en: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/11863