(VRfun18) Counselling Room for Twin Sisters


Counselling Room for Twin Sisters

This work is a VR version of the desktop version of “Twin Sister’s Worries Counseling Room”  Because it will be a VR-only game work, please be sure to download the trial version before purchasing.

Operating Environment

Oculus Quest2 + Oculus Link (In the above environment, GTX1660Super has been tested for operation.)

Game Content

  • Twin sisters will listen to your H troubles. The twin sister is a futanari girl!
  • There is also a special menu for futanari girls.
  • You can put on and take off clothes and change underwear (8 types).
  • You can change the size of your breasts.
  • You can enjoy 360° at your favorite angle.You can also touch it. There are also fellatio voice and pant voice.
  • VR version special menu added Added one H scene (Sweet and sweet), and now you can pat your head.

The contents of the naughty consultation are as follows

  • Fellatio H on the sofa
  • H in bed
  • Cowgirl HH in the back
  • Let me cunnilingus
  • Mutual masturbation(VR version special menu)
  • (Futanari special menu) Let me give you a blowjob
  • (Futanari special menu) Mutual masturbation


Operate with the Oculus controller (right or left). Friendly design that can be operated with only one hand

▼ button selection

Trigger pressed

▼ Move forward, backward, left and right

Up/down/left/right thumbstick

▼ Move up and down

While pressing the grip, move the thumbstick up and down

▼ left/right rotation

While pressing the grip, move the thumbstick left and right

▼ Move H scene

A, X to go forward, B, Y to go back

▼ Touch your body

Press the grip

▼Turn off the laser pointer

Press the thumbstick


If the operation is heavy, there is a “low load mode” in the game settings, if it’s heavy, turn on low load mode.

Lapis Lights is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai games. His body of work includes illustrious titles like Today I Want to Be Healed by My Mom and Counseling Room for Twin Sisters.