Virtual Sex World

Welcome to the world of virtual sex! It is the go-to place for VR headset users who want to employ the ground-breaking pass-through method to enjoy the excitement of augmented reality. Whether you’re in your living room or somewhere else entirely, this cutting-edge website offers a wide selection of interactive activities that take you to new and thrilling realms.

Virtual Sex World is committed to giving customers the finest experience since they think XR technology is the future of entertainment. The platform is only intended for VR headset users, and it currently works with the Oculus 2 and Quest Pro, with support for further models on the way (ie Meta Quest Pro).

Virtual Sex World animation
Virtual Sex World animation

You can quickly browse the experiences available when you visit the website and choose the one that appeals to you the most. After making your decision, you can choose to see the file in reality or choose an immersive pass-through experience. You can bring the file into your room and feel as though you are actually engaging with it if you use pass-through. Additionally, if you choose the immersive experience, you’ll enter a different universe with live characters.

You may get the newest and best experiences by visiting Virtual Sex World. So they have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a wild and crazy sexual experience, a solo model, or something in between.

Virtual Sex World - choose the girl
Virtual Sex World – choose the girl

The most realistic online sex simulator is VirtualSex.World. It enables you to combine AR porn with a VR headset. Avatars look excellent and there are numerous categories to choose from, like “huge tits,” “MILF,” “large dick,” and “doggy style.” Visit VirtualSex.World right now to choose your favorite VR sex doll!

On the Internet, Virtual Sex World is the most realistic VR sex simulator.

Virtual Sex World - change position
Virtual Sex World – change position

Looking for websites that offer genuinely vivid virtual sex? Intimate VR porn encounters are provided by Virtual Sex World by fusing augmented reality with VR sex.

You may watch AR porn on with your Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset and your web browser. Users can indulge in a hearty helping of various solo and sex scenarios from some seriously delicious 3D gals. For this augmented reality experience, you don’t even need a smartphone—just put on your goggles and observe the action unfold in front of you!

Virtual Sex World - girl in black stockings
Virtual Sex World – girl in black stockings

Naughty America, a producer of pornographic entertainment, founded VirtualSex.World. To assist you to locate what you’re looking for, the website lets you categorize the available performances. Asian, large tits, blonde, and Milf are just a few examples of those.

Each animation plays repeatedly, giving the impression that you are viewing one lengthy sex scene. There is nothing more unsettling than a scenario that jitters with each restart. You need not fear Virtual Sex World because the scenario will continue uninterruptedly as if you were seeing it in real life.

Virtual Sex World - Asian girl waiting for you
Virtual Sex World – Asian girl waiting for you

Virtual Sex World is one of the only experiences with dedicated AR software created to operate on your VR / mixed reality headset, although watching AR porn with a VR headset has been feasible for some time thanks to AR passthrough porn. You can take the VR porn videos you’ve seen so far and darken the background. You are left with a pretty shaky 2D cutout of the performer as a result. With the use of your headset, you may observe the 3D AR experience that is providing from any angle in your physical environment.

It is advised to use a Quest headset for the greatest experience, but if you don’t already have one, the program is readily accessible on Android and iOS smartphones. There is no download for this web product.


Naughty America, an ambitious VR porn company, seems set on being the Meta of the industry. With its RealGirlsNow virtual strip club, it has already taken a pioneering lead in the battle to create an adult metaverse. This week, it also announced the launch of “” for Quest 2 and Quest Pro headset customers. Similar to RealGirlsNow, users who access the website using the headset’s web browser have the option of switching between passthrough mixed reality and completely immersive virtual reality modes. The primary distinction between the two websites is that uses 3D animated characters, whilst the former site uses volumetric scanned pornstars.

There is 6dof, similar to RealGirlsNow, allowing you to walk around, including around the girls, who appear to you as 3D ‘holograms’. The gals aren’t quite crude, but they’re also not very realistic to enter the uncanny valley. Nevertheless, they were able to push my buttons, at least in the sizable and gorgeous VR room where many 360-degree screens are showing live-action recorded porn flicks all around you. Soon, you’ll be able to modify the videos. The three-dimensional females can also be rotated, shrunk, or expanded. Additionally, there are many diverse females and animations to watch. I counted at least 50 people, including several men and Japanese females.

Virtual Sex World scene
Virtual Sex World scene

In passthrough mode, all you can see is the girl or the model or animation you’ve selected in the context of your actual surroundings. This isn’t as interesting as it could be because of the unconvincing quality of the models, which are very different from those of VR-Hot. Maybe the creators of that Patreon project, or one of the countless incredible 3D digital artists working with programs like Virt-A-Mate, could be hired by Naughty America?

As such, the experience is more indicative of potential than something you’ll probably be wasting your time on today. But let’s be clear that the potential’s scope is enormous. The adult metaverse would start to take shape if they can enhance the 3D model quality and provide the VR environment a social component.

Virtual Sex World can be used on phones too
Virtual Sex World can be used on phones too

Nothing needs to be downloaded; all you need to do is go to the website and choose the option you want to view the animations in. The animated girls are “holograms,” as opposed to live-action VR passthrough porn, and you can move around them and view them from various angles with 6DOF. The characters can be resized and positioned wherever you desire in your environment, as you might anticipate (or the virtual environment).

To be honest, the characters don’t seem as nice as the girls in the AR passthrough porn game VR-Hot, and they’re not very believable. Naughty America will probably use this method since it is much less expensive than the volumetric scanning of real girls and because the technology to modify the scanned girls is still in its infancy. It is hoped that Naughty America would invest more money in the design and production of their animations. With color passthrough becoming the norm in future VR headsets, this might truly take off quickly.

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