Mandy’s Room

About the game

The voyeuristic video game “Mandy’s Room” from “Happy Fun Times Games” was made available for PC/Mac and VR users. You enter Mandy’s private world in this erotic encounter game for PC, Mac, Oculus, and Vive, where you can see and engage with her. Mandy is multi-orgasmic, adorable, and amusing. Learn more about her right away!

Erotic VR game "Mandy's Room"
Erotic VR game “Mandy’s Room”

She is a college student who is eighteen years old and spends the majority of her time by herself in her room. She is a cheerful, fun-loving young lady who adores pink, cuddly animals, and sexy underwear and socks.

Mandy is eager to reveal all of her many secrets. Some of her secrets are innocent and adorable, while others are naughty 😉

You are welcome to enter Mandy’s room, where she invites you to spend time with her while she plays, dances, and passes the time—even when she’s feeling playful.

There are several masturbation-related sexually explicit moments in Mandy’s Room. The game should not be purchased by anyone who might not appreciate having a gorgeous girl in their room as she experiences amazing orgasms in full virtual reality.

Mandy has just set up “Mr. Jenkins,” a telepathic robotic personal diary device, in her bedroom. You take on the role of him. When she “wakes” you, you can engage with her by doing simple head nods and shaking your head.

Mandy instantly adopts you as her new closest friend, and she is thrilled to have someone with whom she can confide all of her secrets. She quickly realizes how much she loves having you around to watch her and even chooses to invite you along for her weekend camping vacation with Molly.

“Mandy’s Room” trailer video

Through the use of virtual reality, this game puts you on a voyeuristic adventure. You start as Mr. Jenkins, a little robot that belongs to the title character of the game. Mandy, an 18-year-old college student who lives at home with her parents, is vivacious and adorably cute. She spends most of her time alone in her room and is the epitome of a girlie girl with a love of all things pink and ruffled.

Mandy is overjoyed to have you in her life and starts spilling her innermost secrets, just like she would in a diary. She also starts to ask you suggestively, naughty questions, and you always have to say, “Yes!”. But inside those four walls, there is no right or wrong response.

Mandy should be concentrating on her academics, but her multi-orgasmic sexual hunger makes it difficult. She spends a lot of her alone time enjoying herself rather than studying, and you keep watch outside her door to make sure she isn’t disturbed.

"Mandy's Room" - Mandy masturbates in a chair
“Mandy’s Room” – Mandy masturbates in a chair

Even though you are only a tiny robot, you are already taking in all of her words and deeds, which causes you to get smarter over time. You start to predict Mandy’s thoughts and actions as your friendship with her grow, demonstrating how robots may be the ideal buddy!

In Mandy’s Dream, Mandy has a seductive dream in which her new best buddy Mr. J. turns into a real man and she can have a sexual relationship with him in the way she has always desired. Mr. J. can now give Mandy anything she desires from him since he is a real guy.

"Mandy's Room" - Mandy is naked surrounded by toys
“Mandy’s Room” – Mandy is naked surrounded by toys


The player experience centers on the toy robot in the game (Mr. Jenkins). Mandy, the 18-year-old teen who plays the game, buys a device that can read her thoughts. You, the gamer, may watch her as she goes about her business because she installs it in her bedroom. However, when Mandy divulges her innermost secrets, what begins rather sweetly becomes something sexier. View the gameplay trailer for Mandy’s Room to get a sense of what to anticipate.

Players can only view Mandy’s Room in virtual reality, but there is an option to lean in for a closer look. Mandy will ask participants to nod their heads when responding to her queries, which is extremely clever. Players can speak if they want to role-play, but this has no bearing on the game. Mandy plays out a variety of activities, such as vacuuming, practicing yoga, dancing, lounging in her underwear, napping, and using her laptop. She plays with herself in more mature scenarios, though. The user can sometimes speed up or slow down certain parts of her activities by nodding, which is even better because it lets her hold an orgasm.

"Mandy's Room" - Mandy is doing her homework
“Mandy’s Room” – Mandy is doing her homework

This VR game’s concept is excellent and pretty original. Despite the lack of heartfelt relationships, the narrative part is engaging and well-presented. The voice acting is arguably this film’s biggest plus. The actress does a fantastic job of capturing both Mandy’s sexual sounds and thoughts. The game’s overall attractiveness is greatly enhanced by the terrific audio. There is little doubt that this game will cause a stir. The main drawbacks are that some of the animations may be improved and that Mandy could potentially be customized by the player. The ability to select her skin tone, complexion, hair, and other features would be fantastic. Additionally, it would be beneficial to see Mandy in other rooms of the house.

In any case, it’s a fun game to play that differs from the other adult virtual reality titles that all provide similar sensations. Check this out if you enjoy the idea of being a voyeuristic robot.

Mandy’s Room is still really cool even without a VR headset, but it will be awesome if you have one. The entire game revolves around Mandy’s bedroom, who is 18 years old. It is straightforward but amusing for everyone with creativity and a like for adorable 3D females.

Mandy’s Room is more akin to a visual novel because you are mostly engaged in listening to and interacting with her ideas.

"Mandy's Room" - Mandy is fucked by a machine
“Mandy’s Room” – Mandy is fucked by a machine

Mandy loves pink and likes to play about in her room, and her room is full of wall art that expresses her love of sex and nudity. Masturbation is another one of Mandy’s great loves.

Mandy’s Room is surprisingly erotic. Although there isn’t much contact, having a strong imagination is helpful. The graphics are excellent, and Mandy’s voice is attractive and almost seductive. I finished the game in one sitting, but I wouldn’t mind playing it again.

Following completion, you gain access to the game’s six sexbot or masturbation sequences. Mandy’s Dream makes Mr. J real such that she dreams about actually having sex with you in a variety of ways, and there is also a mini-game. These extra features add value to the game.


  • Professional voice actors with significant erotic talents provide the entire voice-over in American English.
  • Completely entertaining, titillating, and pleasant erotic stories.
  • Experiences are designed to be relaxed, simple to follow, and enjoyed in a leisurely way.
  • Visuals and animations in high definition and resolution.
  • Dynamics of the body.
  • A lead character who can experience several orgasms and is attractive, pleasant, cheerful, and enjoyable.
  • User interface – simple, informal exchanges with head shakes and nods.
  • Complete compatibility with Oculus and Vive for VR.
  • Easter eggs, humor, and pop culture references.
  • Throughout the game, there is “naughty” language.
  • Lip-biting, moans, cries, squeals, and quite a few chuckles were all part of the “intimate moments.”
  • A visual novel for an adult audience.
  • Fully usable on non-VR devices.
"Mandy's Room" - Mandy is playing with herself on her bed
“Mandy’s Room” – Mandy is playing with herself on her bed

Genre And Tags

  • Casual
  • Visual Novel
  • VR
  • Animated Sex
  • BDSM
  • Cheerleader
  • Female Protagonist
  • Females Only
  • 3D
  • College Girls
  • Nudity
  • Sexual Content
  • NSFW
  • Mature

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Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature

About the game

The game “Mandy’s Room” has a sequel called “Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature“.

Porn VR game "Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By Nature"
Porn VR game “Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature”

Continue your explorations with Mandy, the adorable multi-orgasmic cutie who enjoys your company, especially when she is acting “naughty.” You assume the role of “Mr. Jenkins” once more in Mandy’s Room 2. You keep hearing every sweet and inappropriate notion Mandy has as her glitchy robotic diary.

“Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature” video trailer

In this second adventure, you go on a weekend getaway with Mandy and Molly to a remote cabin in the woods. However, given Mandy’s character, this won’t be a typical sleepover. The two girls immediately realize that they share similar “naughty” hobbies, and before you know it, the girls are playing a series of “sleepover games” and taking off their clothing, leading to some sexy private moments. Never before has watched a game of hide-and-seek been so enjoyable!

Mandy’s Room was created as a virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. She responds to your head shakes and simple nods. Mandy’s Room 2’s universe can be explored using just one controller, freeing up your other hand. Even though Mandy’s Room was designed for virtual reality, the equipment is not necessary. Without VR equipment, Mandy’s Room may be played with a mouse on any PC or Mac. Playing the game involves interacting with Mandy by nodding and shaking her head (or mouse-shakes). There are no twists, puzzles, or incorrect answers; it is a sensual, enjoyable, linear experience. Everybody wins in Mandy’s Room 2!

"Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By Nature" lesbian scene
“Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature” lesbian scene


  • A thrilling tale from beginning to end. As Mandy and Molly get to know one another better and become more wild, hilarious, and intimate, the sensual tale in Mandy’s Room 2 begins to take shape in front of you.
  • Professional voice actors with experience in adult voice-overs provide all of the English-language content.
  • An unhurried, straightforward experience that is meant to be enjoyed in your favorite chair.
  • Simply nodding and shaking your head will engage Mandy.
  • Visuals and animations in high definition and resolution.
  • Lip-biting, moans, cries, squeals, and quite a few chuckles were all part of the “intimate moments.”
  • Despite being designed as a VR experience, Mandy’s Room 2 can be played on any PC or Mac without a VR headset and still be a blast. Everyone enjoys Mandy’s Room 2, which is a relaxed, entertaining, and sexy encounter.
"Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By Nature" oral sex outdoors
“Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature” oral sex outdoors

Genre And Tags

  • Simulation
  • 3D
  • VR
  • Uncensored
  • Cute
  • Nymphomaniac
  • Western
  • Females Only
  • Lesbian
  • Yuri

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"Mandy's Room 2: Naughty By Nature" masturbation outdoors
“Mandy’s Room 2: Naughty By Nature” masturbation outdoors

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